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Without the right nutrients your body isn't operating at its best!

What Can Maximum Performance™ Do for You?

Maximum Performance ™ is scientifically designed to provide your body with the necessary building blocks required to support optimal health and performance. By providing the essential nutrients depleted during exercise and strenuous activity Maximum Performance™ can improve post workout recovery while increasing oxygen and supporting bone, muscle, joint and ligament health.*

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Maximum Performance Minerals

Tyler walks 36 wholes, reduced his score, won tournaments and recovers with no soreness.

Tyler  Guertin, 17 years old, walks 36 wholes, reduced his score, won tournaments and recovers with no soreness.


More Flexibility,(longer drives)

Better Hand to Eye Coordination, ( better puts)

Reduced Muscle Soreness, (quick recovery)

Tyler plays golf and baseball all summer, and has been on

Maximum Performance for over a year. ” I walk 36 holes,

recover quickly next day, reduced my score by several points,

 have  longer, straighter drives, better puts and even won

 Individual All-City golf championship last year. 

                             I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to

                             play better golf, recover quicker, and have

                             lots of stamina.”

Maximum Performance

welcomes Roger Craig

as Vice President

of the West Coast Sales

Roger Craig pic running

 SF 49er’s Running Back

3 Super Bowls, 3 Touchdowns in one SB,

1000 yards rushing and 1000 yards receiving

Twice broke 2000 yards

Never missed a playoff in 11 years

Led all NFL receivers with 92 receptions 1985 

Roger and Son

Marathon Sponsor

and participant.

Roger and son

Roger says “If Maximum Performance had been available much earlier, I would still be scoring touchdowns!” 

            It took me only a few days to realize:

Energy level was escalating                     Unbelievable recovery times

Stamina was off the chart                        Amazing Focus

Very little muscle soreness                      Really enjoying workouts

Chicago White Sox make  Maximum Performance NSF Certified for Sport Supplement available to their players!

chicago Whitesox pic

After one year of studying and testing, the Chicago White Sox are making Maximum Performance NSF certified for Sport Supplement available to every athlete in the White Sox  organization.

Players are already seeing the benefits!

More teams are also making it available to their players

     Cubs       St Louis Cardinals      MN Twins 

     NY Yankees   San Diego Padres     Oakland A’s

Allen Thomas, Director of Strength and Conditioning for the Chicago White Sox,
Howard Roberts,  CEO Maximum Performance, Inc.
Dale Torborg, Conditioning Coordinator for Chicago White Sox



 Tyler Saladino  – My Testimonial

Triple-A All-Star Games 2014
Short Stop & Third Base






“I had Tommy Johns Surgery August 2014, and was out till February 2015. The recovery was coming slowly until early Dec when I was introduced to Maximum Performance NSF Certified for Sport Approved Mineral Supplement, which was designed to nurture tendons and ligaments.  The routine discomforts normally associated with recovery and conditioning program quickly started to disappear with Maximum Performance.  I was able to set a goal of being back for spring training, I put the hard work in and felt great after each day’s training with little to no soreness. Coming back from surgery requires countless hours of rehabilitation and training, but with hard work and Maximum Performance I got back on the field with confidence months before expected. We also noted vast improvements in my strength and stamina in the weight room. Since the beginning of spring training, I have been able to make all of the throws from third base and shortstop with strength, comfort and confidence.

I am extremely pleased with my confidence, emotional well-being, ability to stay focused, and stamina. I feel Maximum Performance has been an integral part of my recovery, will continue to be part of my regimen, and is a must for any and every athlete.” 



Strength Comes From Within!

If you want to exceed your expectations and take your body and your life to the MAX than you need to start with the right building blocks. Insufficient amounts of just one of these essential vitamins or minerals can lead to a break down in the metabolic pathways that support maximum efficiency and performance. If you experience lack of energy, long recovery times, fatigue, increased soreness, muscle cramping, and injury you may be nutrient deficient*.

Maximum Performance™ provides specific high quality essential nutrients your body needs to exceed and overcome possible deficiencies!

  • Supports cellular oxygenation.
  • Improves bone strength & skeletal health.
  • Supports muscle tissue & workout recovery
  • Provides essential nutrients to support your ligaments & joints.

Core Features

Maximum Performance Demands Maximum Quality

Maximum Performance™ contains over 23 vital nutrients like:


For strong bones and skeletal health.


Supports normal muscle and nerve function.


Vital for absorbing other minerals and normal growth and development.

Vitamin B12

For cellular energy and metabolic support.

Vitamin K

Supports bone and blood health and function.


For strong bones, metabolic support, and tissue health.

bottle_150Take it to the MAX with Maximum Performance™

It’s Time to Exceed Your Expectations

Give your body what it needs to meet the demands of your active life and keep you going strong all day long. Don’t settle for anything less than Maximum Performance™!