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Here at Maximum Performance we are committed to providing high quality products designed to support your overall health and wellness. Maximum Performance has spent the last 20 years educating consumers about the importance of proper nutrition for maximum performance on and off the field. Founded by the renowned horse trainer, Howard Roberts, Maximum Performance has been supporting athletes in exceeding their expectations through proper nutrition and supplementation and helping to reduce recovery time while maintaining muscle mass.


Our Founder

Over 30 years of performance training…

Our founder, Howard Roberts, is a collegiate athlete and accomplished horse trainer with over 30 years of experience winning 96 World Grand Championships. With his many years of coaching and competition training,  Howard saw the young athletes and horses win as stars and then too quickly begin to fade in their ability or succumb to injury.  As any coach would Howard began to study the cause and effect relationship of performance athletes and their diet and training regimen. He studied both alternative and mainstream treatments like chiropractic, acupuncture, Laser therapy, and message therapy to reduce the discomfort, enhance their ability, improve their performance and give his athletes the best chance for success.

Howard put together the horse formula, and all the Standardbred Racehorses that set World Records in 2003 did it on Maximum Performance horse supplement Howard noticed they never bowed a tendon, or had an ulcer. He then went on to perfect the formula and added Boron to the human formula to help reduce inflammation.

Over the years Howard developed an acute ability to recognize the challenges every athlete faces and solutions to help them overcome them. This journey culminated with the Howards realization that athletes today, both human and equine, are suffering from mineral deficiencies at the rob their bodies of the nutrients then need to operate that their best. Through his research and consultations Howard learned that the necessary minerals needed for life were virtually deplete from the soil and needed to be replaced to maintain optimum performance, muscle mass, fertility, bone mass, and maximum health. Through the inspiration of Dr Joel Wallach, Nobel laureate and mineral specialist, along with nutritionist David Williams, Howard developed Maximum Performance. This comprehensive mineral formula provides the necessary building blocks for the body and helps to restore the the missing vitamins and minerals that are missing from our normal diets and are further depleted by performance athleticism.