What are People Saying about Maximum Performance?

“What can we do about the bladder control.Loose your depends and get control in two days.”

“Betty Jenning 84 yrs old, and had to go to the bathroom every new store she went into. After taking MP two days, she was able to go shopping with no bathroom stops.  So, get rid of your depends with Maximum Performance.
–  Betty Jenning”

” After having Tommy John surgery in 2011, I wasn’t sure if my arm would ever be the same again. Since my surgery, my arm has slowly gotten back to full strength, but after using maximum performance, I can feel a drastic change in not only my arm recovery, but my body recovery as well. I have more energy throughout the day and I feel great. I am able to throw 2-3 days in a row without much soreness or fatigue, which is something I always had a hard time doing. thanks to Maximum Performance, I am able to compete at my highest potential while feeling confident and healthy.”

  I am now clocked at  99 MPH, 5 MPH faster than before!”

“I have been through two Tommy John Surgeries. Since I have been on Maximum Performance I have never felt as great mentally and physically. My recovery time has never been so good and I have never felt so good throwing back to back days.

– Austin Delmotte, Texas Rangers

I have been an avid endurance athlete for the better part of 30 years now, triathlons, mountain bike racing, ride and tie, ultra trail running, and now obstacle course racing. In just two weeks on this product, I noticed faster recovery in training, as well as greater endurance reserves. I recently participated in a 12 mile Spartan Race, over 100* at the finish, and was recovered enough to race again 5 days later.I am very impressed with Max Performance Supplements and will continue to take them.


Max performance is one of the best products on the market today for us and our horses. I am a skeptic and didn’t think it was working until I quit taking it for a few days and began to get sore again. I am a firm believer in this product! After a hip surgery it got me back a month before i was supposed to be and was feeling great. Not to mention my number 1 steer horse is sound again after about 3 years of soundness issues. Max performance is a great product that works.


If Maximum Performance had been available much earlier, I would still be scoring touchdowns!
It took me only a few days to realize:

  • Energy level was escalating
  • Unbelievable recovery times
  • Stamina was off the chart
  • Amazing Focus
  • Very little muscle soreness
  • Really enjoying workouts

-Roger Craig

I just began taking MP and within just a few days my chronic heartburn was gone! I can’t wait to see what else MP can do for me since it has only been a few days since I started taking the product. Thank You Maximum Performance.

-Brandon L.

My husband is 46 years old and started taking Maximum Performance Dietary Supplement 2 weeks ago. He has played hockey and rode Bareback horses in rodeo that left him with sore hips and elbows. Using massage, chiropractors and ibuprofen every day. He is pain and ibuprofen free, he can’t believe the difference and says ” if our horses feel as good as he does we will be in the winner’s circle a lot!” Thank you Maximum Performance you have very happy customers equine and human.

– Sheila Berg, ND

I am a chiropractor... After taking Maximum Performance for only 10 days, my elbow pain had subsided and I was able to adjust my patients pain free. I have recommended it to several patients, and they too are experiencing amazing results. I will continue to take Maximum Performance for myself, and will alsocontinue to utilize it as an effective adjunct for my patients.


“I need to tell you how great I feel since taking Maximum Performance. In the first three weeks I was able to Landscape the front of my property and build gardens I have longed for. If it weren’t for these vitamins, I don’t think it could of ever been done.  I ‘ve never felt healthier and am almost 45 yrs old, that’s really important!”

-Elaine E.

I had trouble staying awake during class in the afternoon, then could not sleep at night and had a lot of muscle soreness from playing football at school. After taking Maximum Performance, I sleep really well, can stay awake during afternoon classes, and have great relief from my muscle soreness. I am 16 years old.


Taking Maximum Performance is vital to my basketball game. To perform a jump shot over an opponent’s head requires both stamina and strength, which I get from taking these supplements. Maximum performance helps keep me in the game.

-Zach M.

I have been taking Maximum Performance and I feel much better especially in my Joints and muscles. I have more stamina to compete in the Barrel Racing and my skin has improved greatly. It has reduce lines, added moisture and overall skin appearance is greatly improved. Also, I have noticed my hot flashes have lessened and also my pms.


I am 6 feet 4 inches tall and have stooped for years, with a limp in one leg. Because of my pain, I had difficulty working five days a week. After 45 days on Maximum Performance, I am walking upright, my muscle soreness has greatly improved, and I finally have the energy to work for five days in a row. I no longer have the limp as well. I love this product. I am 45 years old.”

-Willie M.