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Boron is considered vital for absorbing other minerals and supporting normal growth and development in the body. Boron has an important application for maintaining cognitive performance, concentration and has been shown to enhance hand to eye coordination and short term memory.  It is also an anti-inflammatory.  5. That’s why Maximum Performance™ is proud to contain Boron in its formulation.

This often overlooked nutrient is essential for assuring the proper absorption of calcium and magnesium and yet is rarely found in products containing these two minerals. Boron has also been shown to be essential for proper hormonal balance and is used by body builders to support normal testosterone levels and by women for normal estrogen levels. Deficiencies of Boron in the body may lead to abnormal calcium and mineral absorption, hormonal imbalance, neural malfunction, and bone related issues.1

Calcium has long been praised for its immeasurable benefit f It has been shown to be bones for the body an crucial for the development and support of strong skeletal health, clot the blood, contract muscles, control digestion, make energy and use fat, reduce bile, send messages through nerves, regulate the heart beat.   When Calcium is paired with Boron, Vitamin D and Magnesium for absorption the body can successfully absorb the calcium and reap the countless benefits associated with proper levels of calcium.  2

Magnesium is a key aspect in more than 300 biochemical reactions throughout the body.As the fourth most prevalent mineral in the body it is crucial for countless aspects of optimal health, produce energy, regulate blood sugar levels, muscle relaxation, messages through nervous system, heart beat, normal blood pressure levels, keep blood clots from forming,and a healthy immune system.   And yet new reports show that the vast majority of Americans are chronically deficient in Magnesium3. This can lead to all manner of chronical ailments and slow the bodies overall efficiency down.Additionally, magnesium is absolutely necessary for proper absorption calcium and other trace minerals.

Vitamin K is essential for normal blood health and healthy bones. So essential in fact that every baby in the US is given Vitamin K at birth! This key nutrient is actually made up of over 80 different components that work with the body to support overall health and vitality. 

Vitamin B12 is part of a group of nutrients known as B Complex Vitamins. B12 in particular is considered one of the most essential components for supporting the health of red blood cells, nerve cells, and other essential entities in the body. Additionally, it is crucial for optimal cellular energy that promotes overall vitality in the body. B12 comes in several different forms. MaximumPerformance™ contains Methylcobalamin which is immediately available to the body and does not require an additional process to be converted by the body. Thus it is a more readily absorbed and beneficial form of B12 than those typically found on the market.

Biotin is an important building block for strong bones, metabolic support, and tissue health. It also a member of the B Complex vitamins is a crucial component of our metabolism. In particular, it assists with the breakdown of food for use by the body and thus create energy. 

Iodine supports the normal functioning of thyroid which in turn controls the overall metabolic processes of the human body. Iodine is crucial for the optimal utilization of calories as well as supporting healthy energy levels.Because of this, Iodine is necessary to ensure proper growth, development, and metabolic function in humans.


Copper is necessary for arterial flexibility, production of the insulating sheath that covers your nerves, works with iron to keep red blood cells healthy, essential for the formation of a powerful antioxidant.

Niacin has anti-inflammatory activities, helps the body’s DNA repair tissues properly, fights reactive oxygen species that can inhibit muscle, ligament, and tendon movement, function and activity. 

Manganese is essential for connective tissue, blood clotting, protein digestion, and the movement of glucose.

Selenium protects from heart disease, boost immune function, removal of heavy metals, and enhances the function of Vitamin K.

Zinc controls the immune system and growth hormones, is essential for testosterone production and prostate health.

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