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Take it to the Max!

Maximum Performance is an all natural calcium and mineral supplement has been chelated to have a 90%+ bio-availability of the vitamins and minerals you need to exceed your expectations. It improves overall performance and health by replacing nutrients depleted thorough physical exertion and exercise. Furthermore, it increases oxygenation of the cells and supports bone, muscle, joint and ligament health.*

Recommended Dose:  Take 4 capsules two times daily. Do not take if using blood thinners.  Separate 4 hours from Antibiotic dose.


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1 review for Maximum Performance 90 Days Supply Special Buy ($54.99 Each)

  1. Paul Jaunich

    I am an active baseball and basketball player. 5 years ago I was struggling to finish a game. During basketball, after halftime, my calves would cramp up and I was done; not just for that game but for the next couple of weeks. Similarly for baseball, about midway through the game my calves would cramp up as I was about to explode after a ball or steal a base.
    I spoke with my trainer and he was real forthcoming. He said “As you age your body does not replace the minerals it needs to perform as fast as it use to. At 56, you are older than dirt and you need to supplement your body with, at a minimum, calcium, magnesium and zinc.”
    I happened to meet Howard and Susan Roberts, Owner and CEO of Maximum Performance at a baseball showcase for my son. They introduced there product to me and since using it I have not had a problem.
    Both my Son and I have added it to our daily routine and are extremely satisfied with the results we have had

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